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Ways to take care of carpet tiles at a hotel or guest house

Carpet tiles in Dubai are fast becoming a popular flooring technique as they offer a brilliant, cost-effective alternative for carpeting. Rather than going for a single colored monotonous carpet, you can choose carpet tiles, which come in a variety of patterns and can be mixed and matched to create new designs. Apart from flexibility in designs, they are convenient to maintain and replace also.

But in hotels and guest houses, there is a lot of traffic which causes wear and tear. In such conditions, carpet tiles in Dubai need to be taken care of regularly to ensure their longevity. Following are some easy tips that you can follow to ensure long life of your carpet tiles:

  1.      Vacuuming is essential to any carpet care even carpet tiles. Vacuum regularly, at least twice or thrice a week.
  2.      Spot treatment: What should we do if we have a spot over the carpet tile somewhere around ?
Carpet tiles in Dubai

Carpet tiles in Dubai


There are several spot cleaning tips for carpet tiles

o   Take care when using some solvent and check it first in the dark colored area or a spare tile

o   After spotting a stain, don’t pour the cleaning agent directly onto the carpet; apply it on the sponge or the cloth. Then rub this sponge or cloth on the carpet.

o   Do not rub the ink stain or blood stain (or blot stain)

o   Always treat the spots working from outside to the inwards towards center

o   Always rinse thoroughly after treating the spot with water-solvent solvent.

o   Dry the spot where the stain was, after cleaning it. You may use hair drier for drying too.

o   Some carpet tiles have bitumen on the back side; you can’t use any solvent to clean it. Think twice before using any of them.

o   If a tile of a bigger size gets stained, remove it, wash it in the sink, and then simply place it back when cleaned and dried.

  1.      Deep Cleaning: This is a professional process. This cleans the stained carpet tile thoroughly and leaves the carpet tile moisture-less. This should be done after 8-12 months only, depending upon the condition of the carpet tiles. Best methods of deep cleaning are wet extraction or steam cleaning for nylon and polyester tiles and dry cleaning methods for wool fiber tiles. Carpet tiles are widely used throughout the world, but with the extensive use of the Carpet tiles Dubai does, there should be proper attention given to their maintenance.

So, vacuum the tiles yourself few times a week, try to clean the spot yourself if possible, and ultimately, go for the deep cleaning once in 8 months or so. This all will ensure a long life for your carpet tiles in Dubai.

Can spa design really affect your mood?

Spa decorating  Ideas

Relaxation and fellowship are the two things that has always been looked for by humans. A standout amongst the most invigorating and ancient methods of uniting the two, is by using the spa. The healing force of water has been utilized to relieve stress and provide a setting for relaxed interaction in the ancient communal baths and now the same is being done by using the modern jetted tubs. Therefore, today, whenever you think of unwinding yourself from the hectic everyday schedule, a spa is all that lingers in your mind.

When it comes to the interior design of a space, whether it’s your home or workspace or any other facility like a spa, it has been observed by the architects and interior designers that the design trend and decoration style of the place has a major effect on your mood and feeling. Talking about spa, according to one of the expert spa designers, CK Hammam of Dubai, relaxation is the primary aspect, one will want in your spa. Accordingly, it becomes very important that along with the spa therapy offered at the facility, the interiors are decorated in such a way such that serenity and calmness is provided to the person as soon as he/she steps inside. Here are a few spa decoration ideas that can help you with creating a subtle environment inside:

  •         Use neutral colors for a soothing appeal

The color is the main component of creating an atmosphere of the space around us. It is the color of a room that has a definitive effect on our moods and emotions Thereby for a spa, you must make use of neutral colors to invigorate the senses. You can make use of subtle grey color with natural gay marble finishing to fabricate a feeling of serenity and tranquility in the spa. You can also go with pale blue hues anchored in white to create a relaxing environment.


Spa decorating  Ideas

Spa decorating Ideas

  •         Ample natural light

Natural light creates a fresh environment in any space. Keeping this in mind you must make sure that the spa facility is framed in such a way that it gets an abundance of natural sunlight during the daytime as a fresh environment is a much needed aspect to create relaxation. However, you can also use recessed down lights and spotlights softly brighten up even the darkest corners and give your spa a classy look. You also must have the option and ability to lower the lights so as to provide a calming atmosphere inside. For this purpose you should make use of dimmer switches to adjust the lighting according to the needs.

  •         Give a peaceful touch with unexpected elements

You can add an edginess to your spa interiors by incorporating metallic design to the spa design idea that you have chosen. You can use plae neutral colors on the walls and accent one of the walls with a soft metallic tile in a graphic pattern and create a soothing environment. You can also use mosiac tiles to bring in a relaxation effect. Adding natural elements like indoor plants is also a good idea to establish a relaxing environment

These were just a few of the spa decorating ideas that will surely help you unwind completely and also achieve a relaxed state of mind.

Getting the Best and Cheap Hotels in Dubai


Dubai is one of the countries that has the biggest hotels in the world. When tourists and any other visitors visit Dubai they find their stay comfortable because of these hotels. What is funny or good about these Dubai hotels is that you can be able to find all kinds of foods that you need. In Dubai you can find all classes of hotels; the cheap and the expensive ones.  The main factors that you need to look at when looking for a hotel where you can eat or sleep are your budget, the hotel apartments and where there are discounts in the hotel. Most of us would like to stay in cheap hotels provided that there is enough security and good foods and in this way we can save some of our hard earned money. What you must know about the cheapo hotels in Dubai is that they lack some extras and that is what makes them affordable. Check out this site for more information :

Have you ever been to the best hotels in Dubai?

If you haven’t then this is the time that you should do so because it’s here that you will find the best comfort and relaxation.

Why Dubai gets the most international visitors

Dubai is receiving thousands of visitors every now and then and this has made it to grow economically and in terms of population. It’s a business destination to most people especially those who do business internationally and also it’s a popular destination for tourists. The hospitality industry in Dubai is also thriving hence making Dubai one of the best places to stay and enjoy your life to the fullest. The hotels here have benefited most because of the increased number of bookings done in hotels in Dubai and especially at the biggest towns and cities of Dubai. Hotels in Dubai have now expanded their hotels rooms and some of them now have over 1000 rooms added in order to accommodate the increasing number of visitors. They make quality foods that tourists and other international visitors on holiday vacation like hence making the hotels to have more customers. UAE is now ranked among the top 5 countries that have the best new hotel development. The reason for this is because now the occupancy rate is said to be steady in Dubai and it’s at 85% and it’s increasing at 3.9% per cent each year.

World busiest airport and vibrant hospitality in Dubai

Some of the other factors that have led to increased improvement in the hotel industry in Dubai are the Dubai International Airport. This is one of the busiest airports that we have in the world and it recorded more than 20 million international visitors or passengers in 2014 who passed through the Q1 hub. Another factor contributing to the hotel sector is the vibrant hospitality experienced in Dubai that has outperformed some of the markets. Dubai is now a global business hub that commands some of the key positions in the world like tourism, global real estate, business markets and many others. The cheap hotels in Dubai makes it easy for any visitor to book and hotel or find an accommodation.


Five Tips In Brochure Making.

Web design Dubai

A brochure is an informative paper document, which is also used for advertising that can be folded into a template, pamphlet or leaflet. They are now available in different forms, one type of which is the electronic brochure or e-brochure. A perfect brochure will work miracles for the success of your business or institution. It the first thing that gives an insight into your business and you need to nail it. It is very important as it will catch the eye of your prospective customer and tempt them to learn more about your product or service. For this to work well for you, you first need to master the art of a brochure layout and Aim Explorer in Dubai is one of them who can help you in designing the best brochure layout. Here are five tips which will help you design the perfect brochure for your product or service:

  1. Discover your customer’s needs

The first thing you have to do is to find out what your customer’s needs are and to plan your presentation accordingly. Find out what they need and how your product can help them. Do online and offline researches and prepare notes. Offline researches include talking to clients and potential customers.

  1. A cover that screams for attention

This is the most important thing about a brochure because it is the first thing your prospective customer notices. An attention grabbing cover, along with an interesting headline will ensure that they go through your brochure. Your prospective customers will probably have a very short attention-span so you need to make sure that they are interested to learn more about your product or service.

Web design Dubai

Brochure designing

  1. Content that is powerful

You care about your product, your prospective customer does not, so you have to make them care about your product or service by making them understand how your product will be of help to them. Talk about low-cost, time-saving, business booming. Identify with their problems and provide solutions.

  1. Present it with perfection

Your content should be presented in the perfect brochure layout. It should be presented using graphical images and attention-grabbing headlines. Organize your content using appropriate subheadings and bullet points as this will make understanding the information an easier task which will not take up much of your potential customers’ time. Flashy images, which will also help to convey your objective, should be included.

  1. Trigger a response

Towards the end of your brochure, make your perspective customers feel the urge to contact you and make sure you also inform them how to do so. Ensure that your business name, phone number, website URL are included and to make things easier, add Facebook or Google+ page links, if available. Also, give them a reason to respond as soon as possible. This can be done by including time limited offers, discounts, free gifts for early purchases, or making the customer feel like your product quantities are limited.

Follow the above steps for a good brochure layout, be guaranteed that it will do its trick and watch your business grow. Your customers will never have been more pleased.


Ways to Improve Bad Breath.

Hollywood smile

Having bad breath is a common issue. Everyone gets that bad nasty breath once in a lifetime. Bad breath could be very embarrassing and might lower your self-confidence. It not only affects you but affects the ones in contact with you as well. According to some dentists, bad breath can ruin relationships. Having a bad breath can also be a sign of dental problems. Just like a bad breath is easy to catch, it is easy to cure as well. You can choose any best dental clinic in Al satwa  like Smile dental dental clinic to cure your bad breath effortlessly.

What causes bad breath?

In order to cure bad breath, we need to first find out the underlying cause of the problem. Bad breath is caused by buildup of bacteria in your mouth which causes inflammation and gives out various noxious odors or many gases that smell like sulphur or even worse.

Various oral conditions like bad gums or gum and tooth problems can cause bad breath. Even tonsils too can result in breath being bad as they may contain some trapped food particles. Cracked fillings and unclean dentures can also lead to your breath smelling foul. Other internal medical conditions like liver disease, diabetes, chronic bronchitis, respiratory tract diseases, etc. also leads to bad breath.

How to cure bad breath

The cure for bad breath lies in the problem. You need to see your doctor if bad breath is arising because of internal medical conditions. For general bad breath that’s caused by the bacteria build up in your mouth or other gum diseases, the following care is to be taken.

  • You need to brush twice a day and floss at least once on a regular basis. Investing in electric tooth brush is a good option as they offer more cleaning than manual toothbrushes do. Also, you should buy a good mouthwash or mouth rinsers which fight cavities. These also remove the bacteria that cause bad breath and plaque entirely from your mouth.
  • Watch what you eat. When the food is digested, it’s mixed into your bloodstream and hence expelled by the lungs when we breathe. Eating a balanced diet rich in nutrients at regular intervals will help you in curing bad breath. Consider eating celery, apple slices or raw carrots. Avoid food that will probably give you bad breath like onion, garlic, and other spicy food.
  • Stay hydrated for a good breath. If you can’t brush after each and every meal, then drink lots of water. Drinking water will probably speed up the process of cleaning your teeth. According to research, drinking milk will also deodorize bad breath. Keep sugary drinks in check as these will also cause bacteria buildup.
  •  In order to prevent bad breath, other preventive measuresalso need to be followed. For example, cutting down your alcohol consumption will keep bad breath in check. Avoid smoking and consuming tobacco products. Consider replacing your coffee with a green or herbal tea.

 Consider chewing sugarless mint gum. Chewing a sugarless gum will produce more saliva which will keep bacteria away, and the mint will give you a fresh breath while chewing a sugary gum will make the condition worse. Choose your gum with care.

Best interior design offices in UAE

best office interior design

UAE is seemingly growing as a hub for Interior decorators and interior design companies playing up with latest interior trends in the world. The art to present creative and innovative ideas with intelligence and wit is the best known quality of UAE interior designers. The increasing presence of luxurious villas, architectural marvels, resorts and malls has attracted a number of interior designers to serve best of their aesthetically artistic skills.

Over the years, UAE has witnessed rapidly increasing number of interior design offices as well as new budding interior designers encapsulating latest techniques and modern art in the arena of interior décor. If looking for an interior designer who can be an inspirational source to give you best ideas for your home or office décor in UAE, there are many out there. But among the various options in the vast list of interior design offices, let’s figure out some of the best interior design in UAE.

  • Algendra Interior Design Consultancy:

Algendra offers its stunning interior design services for both residential and commercial projects. This consultancy operates in UAE and New York to serve their enchanting and marvelous designs for clients. This interior design company is one of the most known companies for merging Greek and Italian architectural art with Eastern and Western cultures.

  • Blanco Interior Designs:

If you’re looking for a best interior design office who can serve you, varied designing solutions to meet modern designing art and latest techniques in Middle East and Europe here is the perfect venue for you. Blanco Interior Designs Company works brilliantly on its various clients’ projects and serves them a unique tailored team with high international standards at the same time. This consultancy aims to provide highly sumptuous and inviting designs with their passion for creativity, analytical approach and international experience.

  • Casa Prestige Designs:

If you’re looking for a committed interior services provider of commercial buildings and luxury turnkey design solutions for villas, apartments, palaces, restaurants, retail stores, gardens and others, Casa Prestige Designs is the answer. This company is a wide provider of interior décor services on an international level and is made a benchmark of interior design globally. The headquarters of the company are in Dubai, UAE, but they deal with clients worldwide. Some of their best clients are HH Sultan Bin Rashid, MirelMarteiRadoi, Ismail Matar, etc.

  • Ace Interior Solutions:

This interior design company has highest expertise in various sections related to interior designing. They provide the most trusted services of designing and technical expertise with a philosophy “to make it great, every single time.”·

  • Crux Interiors:

This company offers a variety of creative solutions and services to meet interior designing challenges in Dubai. It has its headquarters in Dubai, UAE. This company holds a powerful team of competent interior decorators. The approach of serving optimum to their clients with dedication to make spaces worth living in is their special ability.

Get your wall wallpapered – The old trending becoming new

color wallpaper

Interior designing is getting bigger and bigger everyday with creative artistic theme thoughts that simply developed out of the blue. Present day homes don’t put stock in the belief systems of redundancy. Everyone has their own preferences and choices about modified stylistic layout that games its very own uniqueness. What’s more, with regards to the walls, the stylistic theme is not simply limited to the artworks. Villa interior designers in Dubai say that it steps forward to take the show innovative decor ideas that are one of a kind in their own specific manner. Putting it simple, modern wall stylistic theme is about sprucing up dividers to make a rich and bright mood in the insides.

If you are looking for the simplest and most economical then it definitely is wall covering, an approach that adds color and craftsmanship to your entire house. With an assortment of textures and patterns walls, Villa interior designers in Dubai promise to add profundity and identity to your space. If you’re attempting to settle on grass cloth, fabric or paper designed, textured or plastic wallpapers villa interior designers in Dubai is the thing that you ought to consider.

What type of wallpaper suits my space?

villa interior designers in dubai


Wallpaper is no more about floral paper outlines. There are numerous choices accessible.

Embossed:  works well for covering walls with flaws, Embossed paper is textured and can be painted. It’s not difficult to clean and hang.

Fabric: This wallpaper is hard to clean and hang, however it gives extraordinary texture and has more stylish feel.

Flocks: This comprises of a paper or vinyl base highlighting a velvet-like pattern. Their style can be the point of attraction to the room, however not all kinds are washable or simple to handle, and it can be hard to hang.

Foils: This metallic-looking wall paper will add special glow to a room and works best on clean walls .though simple to clean it’s harder to hang.

Grass cloth: As the name suggests this wall covering is woven from long strands of grass, this has a great textural and natural quality. Its well known in more contemporary homes, however it’s difficult to hang and intense to evacuate, and you should utilize clear cement to anticipate dying.

Vinyl: It’s anything but difficult to clean, hang and evacuate, and is incredible for bathrooms.

If you are looking to get the best wallpapers to decorate your home then Villa interior designers in Dubai is your one-stop destination.

How to apply wallpapers by myself?

In case you’re applying your new wall covering all alone, you need to make it as simple as could be expected particularly if it’s your first time. Self-glue wall paper is the most effortless alternative; you should peel the cover off and stick the paper set up without requiring glue, water or activator. Pre-glued treatments are likewise genuinely simple, since they are pre-covered with glue and simply oblige water to initiate it.

After you pick out your adhesive type, you have to be sure you have enough wall material.

Is it easy to remove the applied wallpaper?

Most pre-stuck and self-adhesive wallpapers are strippable and peel-able with water or indicated chemicals. Non-stick wallpaper is typically the hardest to uproot, so make certain you adore it before you reuse it.

Uses Of galvanised iron pipes

Cable Ladder

Galvanized iron or GI is an iron ore that is refined, molded and then coated with zinc. It is this zinc plating that provides galvanization because zinc is one product that can resist corrosion that is typical of un-galvanized iron or cast iron. GI is used for a range of purposes including wire mesh, pipes, roof ornaments, construction material and other decorative architectural products. Galvanized Iron Pipes or GI pipes are widely because they are not affected by corrosion and their thickness is considered to be an added advantage.

Earlier, GI pipes were extensively used for water transportation; however, we presently see it occupying sewage and irrigation plumbing. Most of the GI pipes contain lead and this makes them unsuitable for the use of drinking water transportation. However, GI pipes are still in use for plumbing systems carrying non-drinking water.

There are some decent advantages of GI pipes. They are:

  • Galvanized pipes are coated with zinc and this makes them highly durable when compared with pipes that are made up of cast iron or steel.
  • The zinc and metal plating of GI pipes gives them additional protection because zinc has the capability to resist corrosion.
  • One of the most appealing advantages of galvanized pipes is their lifespan. GI pipes are highly durable and they often last 40 years or even longer. GI pipes which are used for the transportation of hard water have decreased longevity. So it is always advisable to talk to a plumber before getting galvanized pipes installed.
Cable Ladder

GI Pipe

  • Cost of GI Pipe

The cost required for the installation of galvanized pipes varies depending on many factors like the size of the job to be done, geographic location, and the pipe thickness. In addition to this, the customer will also have to spend on drywall damage that is caused for the fixation and to reach the plumbing system. Additionally, the customer will also have to pay for a plumber and labor.

  • Installing the Galvanised Pipe

Like any other plumbing problem, without proper skill and experience of replacing GI pipes, you may end up in problems. So it is therefore advices that you get the job done by a well experienced professional. Tacking the whole responsibility of this complex procedure all by yourself may waste your time and lead to additional expenses. A plumber is the ideal person to help you. Why late? Contact us today for the best advice of GI pipes.


Staircase trends at your home place.

interior designing dubai

Consider yourself to be fortunate enough, if you have a staircase in your house. This architectural feature can turn any ordinary home into something spectacular, besides providing a link between the two floors. It not only serve as a focal point of your home, but also can help define and showcase your personal style. There are many trends in the style and design of the staircase that can accent the overall look and décor of your interiors. If you are looking for ways to change the style of your home, then you should remodel your staircase style and the interior designers in Dubai would suggest you to go with one of the below mentioned staircase trends.Click here.

  • Marble slab staircase: since the tread or the footstep of the staircase plays the most important role in the function of a staircase, therefore marble stone slabs makes out to be the best choice in the material of a staircase design. Moreover, the elegance and beauty of marble is everlasting and so the marble staircase designing trend is never ending. Because marble slab is slip resistant, it provides safety. They are very durable, therefore giving the staircase a very long life. The elegance and elite style of marble creates that aesthetic appeal needed to render an exclusively luxurious look to your home.
  • Hardwood Staircases: the next in trend is the hardwood staircase. The craftsmanship involved in creating an artistic hardwood staircase is simply marvelous. The strength and durability offered by hardwood out weigh its high price. The long lasting elegance provided by these staircases along with the limited need for maintenance makes them a favorite type of many of the interior designers in Dubai. In addition to that, there are a lot of finishing shades available in hardwood staircase designs to choose from. The gorgeous artful value provided by a hardwood staircase is un-matchable, plus the smooth feel provided by the hardwood staircase on your bare feet is priceless. With all these fabulous reasons, hardwood staircase makes to be an eye-catching addition to your home.
  • Wrought Iron Staircase: another popular staircase trend is the wrought iron staircase. These types of staircases provide the strength and durability needed for mobility of people accessing them regularly. Wrought iron staircase gives a rustic appeal to your home, giving the entire décor a classy look. Wrought iron besides being strong is soft to be molded into different shapes at a temperature of 373 F. This is why you can find a plenty of designs and patterns in wrought iron staircases. The galvanizing techniques used in modern times prevent these staircases from rusting quickly, hence preserving its beauty for long.


Braces- an accessory to make your smile perfect.

Dental clinics in Dubai

Do you have a crooked smile? Well dental braces of various types, is a sure shot solution to get a perfect grin on your face.  For correcting a crossbite, underbite or overbite, or for straightening the overcrowded and unaligned teeth, or to close the gaps between the teeth, a dentist would suggest you to go with braces. From traditional metal braces to contemporary invisalign braces, you can make a choice according to your budget, comfort and convenience. Let us take a look at a few of the popular types.

Metal braces

These dental braces prices in Dubai are cost efficient and the oldest braces types to get straight and aligned teeth. These are popular for those who want to show off their braces as a fashion accessory. However, these braces types have many drawbacks and they can also be irritating to the gums and cheeks. You have to avoid sticky foods and gums and even eatables like chips and wafers until you wear metal braces. These are also popular amongst people who wish to get their teeth straightened in a cheaper way. Because of their popularity as a fashion accessory, these are now much smaller and more comfortable. You get the elastics in a variety of colors and therefore can ask the dentist to change the elastic in a color of your choice and make a style statement.

Ceramic braces

These can also be called clear or translucent braces and are hugely popular amidst those who want a jewel type sparkling effect on their teeth. The color of the brackets of these braces blend with the color of teeth so that they are least visible and because of this reason they are more costly than their metallic counterpart. Made of ceramic alloys, their aesthetic and cosmetic appeal is the main punch of these dental braces. The clear elastic ties can be easily stained, if you smoke or drink a lot of tea or coffee, but your dentist can change them, every time you give a monthly visit at his/her clinic for the adjustments of braces.

Dental clinics in Dubai

Dental Braces

Invisalign braces

Now, if you are willing to get a straight and perfect Hollywood smile, without wanting anyone to know that you are wearing braces for it, then invisalign braces is an ideal option. Although pretty costly than other dental braces types, these have gained huge popularity in recent times as a far better alternative to traditional metal braces. You can eat, drink and chew whatever you want after removing them easily. However, you have to thoroughly brush your teeth after eating and before putting them on. Also known as invisible braces, these clear and removable teeth aligners straighten your teeth in a convenient and comfortable way.

The dental technology of today has proven to be a boon for people suffering with any kind of dental issues. People now do not have to deal with the clunky metal mouths to get their smile perfect. Rather braces are now considered as an accessory that helps them in smiling like a star.